The Moisturiser Soap

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Moisturiser Soap

Ghassoul clay 

Type of skin : dry 

Key Words dry skin/ anti aging/ elasticity/ helps against eczema.

Made only from goodness : olive , coconut and grape seed oils, beeswax , rose water , ghassoul clay and green clay , a selection of essential oils and of course our signature ingredients : mare’s milk and aloe vera . 

Mare’s milk is traditionally known for its exceptional virtues, it is a natural tensor, revitalize and regenerate the skin. It has, since antiquity the reputation to enhance the beauty of the skin with it’s anti-inflammatory ,hypoallergenic properties and anti aging. 

Aloe Vera is the aroma therapist’s choice as a skincare ingredient and a perfect addition to our recipe . The natural benefits of the plant include its soothing, hydrating and nourishing properties and that is why It may be particularly beneficial for problems such as dry skin, acne, blemishes, allergic reactions.

Moroccan Lava Clay

Like the name suggests it is mined or found in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and has been used for over 4000 years for its therapeutic benefits. Like every other clay Ghassoul clay also has detoxifying properties with the ability to clear out your pores but is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Ghassoul clay also improves elasticity and exfoliates skin. It is much less drying than other clays which means it can be used daily or is best for people with drier skin.

Essential oils : 

antibacterial/ anti inflammatory / anti aging / tissue regenerator/ helps stimulate cells / heals dry skin/ rejuvenate . 

Patchouli : best for +35 years old skin

Orange : dry skin 

Rose : geranium anti aging 

Jasmin : stimulate blood vessel functions