Stoneware Candle Set

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Stoneware Candle Set

Stonenware candles are high-grade stoneware made from clay. These are fired above 1000 degrees celsius to give a glossy finish and create a unique piece of art.
Handpainted in navy blue and gold, the colors are deeply symbolical of sacred prayers Fajr and Maghrib respectively. The design seeks to recreate the special moments when the sky is still dark and mind is free of distractions as well as the golden hue of the sky at sunset. Carefully chosen essential oils are hand blended with certified sustainable palm wax and hand poured into the candle for a slow and clean burn.

Each Set consists of 2 candles and 1 branded 8 cm match box. We recommend to burn both candles at the same time to achieve a unique fragrance layering effect.
Burn time - 25 hrs

Fragrance - Rose and Myrrh

Rose – A floral fragrance with top note of Rose Geranium, heart of Indian Rose on a base of Cedarwood.

Myrrh – Sweet Myrrh( Opoponax), Vanilla and Agarwood come together to form a woody - sweet fragrance specially curated for Ramadan. Layer it with its twin Rose candle to enjoy the full symphony of fragrance in this set.

Fragrance - Lavender and Patchouli

Lavender - A calming and relaxing combination of Lavender, Lavender Bulgarian and Lavandin essential oils prompt us to slow down and make time for inner reflection.

Patchouli - A sedating and mystical combination of Patchouli and Frankincense essential oils. This candle has a rich, balsamic flavor with a minty-woody undertone, characteristic of patchouli leaves. Layer it with its twin Lavender candle to enjoy the full symphony of fragrance in this set.

Candle is 7 cm dia and 7.5 cm h. Box is 7.5 cm H x 12 cm W x 24 cm L and weighs 0.75 kg