Starter LIPSKIT - Custom Blend Your Own Makeup

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Create ANY liquid lipstick shades, eye liner & eye shadow colours with the Starter Pack of the revolutionary new DIY makeup device, LIPSKIT. With this magical multi-tasking Starter LIPSKIT, matte formulations can be easily made safely at home within seconds and are suitable for application on your lips or as eye liner, eye shadow or even for use as cheek tint. Absolutely safe to use, the colour pigments are Vegan, Paraben-free and Cruelty-free. The colours are also waterproof, long-wearing and transferproof.


- The LIPSKIT maker tool

- 5 full-sized liquid colour refills (5 primary colours - red, blue, yellow, black, white with which you can make endless shades)

- 1 reusable empty jar for preparing your lip colour

- Colour recipe chart conveniently stored inside the LIPSKIT

- Instruction card

Colour finish: Matté, waterproof, long lasting, no-smudge, highly pigmented comfortable wear.

25 X 21 X 8.5 cm size

Weight - 300 gms