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BEAT the minutes

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Ultimate Outdoors Adventure experience for all ages.

This thrilling Outdoor Games Box is designed and built in a way that offers everyone a chance to play, challenge themselves and exceed their limits, while having fun in the great outdoors. No special fitness condition is required for playing these games. Play with family, friends, kids, colleagues, youth groups etc.

Expect rushes of adrenaline, hours of laughter and memories to last a lifetime. All you need is an enthusiastic team.

What you need to know;
Overwhelmed thinking about organising – ENTERTAINMENT?
That’s where BEAT the Minutes comes to the scene. We have the best selection of party games, packed into a box, ready to start your party. Gear up and prepare to bounce, flip, jump, stack, hop, solve, run, roll, blow, balance and catapult your way to victory by beating the clock!
This box contains a mixed variety of 10 ready-to-play games, instructions plus everything you will need to play them, to take with you wherever your party is taking place.
• Stress free and affordable entertainment solution
• This game box is designed to suit all age groups starting from 8 yrs onwards, to break the ice, get everyone involved and have a jolly good  laugh. Your guests may not know each other, but they will by the end of the party
Everything you and your guests need in order to play the games is all included – unless stated. Just open and play
These boxes comfortably cater for minimum 4 pax to maximum 20 pax (2 teams of 10 players)
Some of the games can be played in larger groups too
We have thought of everything, so you don’t have to
Save yourself hours of planning and preparations
The challenge of these games lies in being quick and swift, to be the fastest to complete the task to win
This product may take up to one week to be delivered. 
Box Dimension - Length-45cm, Width- 28cm and height-12cm      
Weight - 700grams