On the Crest of a Wave - Trinket Dish

Alison O'Grady Art

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Trinket Dish

Ceramic ornamental dish with paper boat detail. Inspired by the seaside.

Handcrafted by Irish artist Alison O’Grady. Hand signed and numbered on the

base. Presented in a box.

Presented in a box.

4 Designs available:

No2  85mm (width) x 75mm (height) x 43mm (depth) - Weight 120g approx

No3  105mm (length) x 70mm (breadth) x 50mm (height) - Weight 180g approx

No4   80mm (length) x 58mm (breadth) x 38mm (height) - Weight 100g approx

No6 115mm (length) x 80mm (breadth) x 42mm (height) - Weight 170g approx

Individually hand sculpted and multi-glazed for a smooth nish. No two

pieces are the same.