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“Customized Word Art In Your Hands”

In 2016, Ankita Yadav’s lifetime love of interiors, graphic design & typography, combined with a search to find a piece of personalized artwork for her own home, led her to follow her creative passion.

“I was struggling to find artwork that had it all – contemporary, premium quality yet reasonably priced, a great talking point & something that was unique & meaningful. So, after careful research to understand how I could produce my very own piece of high-quality artwork, I created word art designs to be kept inside homes. Ankita then had several requests from friends & family to design something for them & from there “Wordle” was born.

Personalized word art design printed on photo paper featuring your list of words displayed in a specific shape & artistic way. These items come framed in an A4 size.

A simple personalized collection of our favorite memories as a piece of ‘Word Art’ wrapped inside a beautiful frame & in custom colors & shapes to match the room.

To proceed with ordering, please fill out the text boxes provided. 

Explain a theme, use as many words as possible to describe what you want. examples - 5th Birthday (give age), Wedding day, Football player, princess, Heart shape etc. Also include a colour scheme.

Upload an Image or Silhouette Upload your image or silhouette and we will be able to create that image into this word art. if you like one of the demonstration work pieces, save that as a picture and upload in the box provided.

Give 5 key words, choose five words that will feature in the wordle artwork, these will be the predominant words shown, For example, a name, a location, a date or an age.

Choose up to 25 words, choose up to 25 further words that will be shown in smaller text within the Wordle artwork, if you can't think of 25, don't worry, we will use our generic words that will look just as good.

Once the order is complete, you will receive silhouette images which you can approve and we will then proceed with the order and finalise the artwork.