Camel Caravan Personalised Artwork

Rare Find

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Camel Caravan Personalised Artwork by Rare Find

A fun design for you to personalise with family or friends’ names, because our family is not always limited to the people we share a surname with.

A caravan of camels walking under a stylized skyline.

‘My Dubai family’, a family name or group name in large bold font above the skyline, along with the dates of your choosing. Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Family members names are on the saddles in English and on the bellies in Arabic.

The calligraphy shadow says ‘Goodbye we’ll miss you’ in Arabic.

Printed on textured art paper.

Mounted and framed.

Please note the artwork is handmade and each piece is unique there may be slight colour hue variation to what you see on the screen or a minor change in positioning.

If you have a request that is not available in the option selection, please do get in touch.

This design is available in two sizes (plus mount paper & frame).

Print size:
20 x 28 cm

28 x 38 cm