About us

We are dedicated to bringing you unique, crafted, decorative and personalised items. 

Our aim is to provide beautiful items sourced from talented individuals, the uniqueness gives every item a warm individuality, that cannot be replicated on mass produced items.

We want to bring you a selection of the best items on the market today, which are lovingly made for you. A variety of products can be customised and offer that personal touch you are looking for.

We hope you enjoy the store and the products alike, if you would like to sell you items with us, check out the sell with us page.

NotInTheMalls Team

We are an expat couple from the United Kingdom and have resided in Dubai for the last six years. 

We have a passion for beautifully hand crafted items and always seek these when purchasing gifts or mementos for family and friends.

Over the years of living here, we have found it very frustrating to source the items we want without going to a market which is only available once a week, and sometimes in locations which it is often hard to find parking and so difficult to access the market altogether. 

The other option we found was to search through facebook posts, without any way of comparing items, and without a simple checkout process, and so the process can be tedious and frustrating, with messages often going unread for days.

We spotted a gap in this market and decided to work towards creating a place for crafters and customers alike to list and purchase items 24/7 and from the comfort of their own home, or even when traveling abroad. 

If you want more information about us, or have something you want to tell us, please complete the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, Alternatively contact us at info@notinthemalls.net